Rocket 1955-1957

Horse number 3 was Rocket.  We were great together and traveled many miles performing. Trick riding and parades were Rocket's "thing". He loved to show off and would prance all the way through a parade like he was saying, "Look at Me!"   When we were trick riding he always knew what horse went before him. He was ready when it was our turn and he would turn, rear-up and take off at a dead run.  He had personality! Rocket loved carrots and expected one before heading for the arena. He sulked if he didn't get one. Rocket also hated fire works. If we performed anywhere there was fire works I had to sit in the stall with him until they were over or he would tear up his stall. Talking about stalls, Rocket was the cleanest horse I ever had. He did not like to get dirty and would not lay down anywhere there was a spot of manure. He didn't require as many baths as the other horses did.