Buttons 1958-1965

Buttons was the horse I had the longest during my career.  I had to grow in to him. I out grew Rocket but hadn't quite grown enough to reach Buttons and was still looking for an in-between horse. I hadn't found one and had a month before my first rodeo of the season so it had to be Buttons. Buttons was an albino Quarter Horse with pink eyes. That meant that the sun hurt his eyes - one of the reasons that we used blinkers on him. Riding in the pasture Buttons stumbled a lot! Everyone that I rode with in the pasture asked me if I was worried that he would stumble in the arena and fall. I always told everyone that Buttons and I had a deal, In the arena he watched where we were going and took care of me; in the pasture it was my job to look where we were going and look after him! He never stumbled in an arena.